All Dates Are Available Unless Listed Below

Oct 17th Closed

Oct 18th The Paranormal Files Returns

Oct 19th Dark Hallows

Oct 20th Closed

October 25, 2019 ~  NMPI 

October 26th Hill House Revealed

Oct 27th Closed

Oct 30th Ghost Babes

October 31st Slasher in Woods

Nov 1st Closed

Nov 2nd Tatum

Nov 3rd Iris Clan

Nov 8th Lori's Ladies Ghost Catchers

Nov 9th 2019 Pitt Bull Paranormal R

Nov 16th Johnson GHost Hunters

Nov 30 booked

Dec 17th to Dec 26th Cl

Jan 24th Jan 25th HRA

April 10th  April 11t

Event Details

Private Bookings for Tours are Available 4 person Minimum