How It All Began

The House has direct ties to the Baker Hotel and was a Brothel supplying working girls and bootleg for the Baker at one point. Several Deaths in the house happened during this time.The house is reported to be inhabited by 9 spirits. We have intelligent haunting, residual haunting and visitations from the Baker Hotel. Perhaps the most unusual and most dominate is that of a little boy spirit that inhabits the upstairs area.The little boy that haunts the house was a disfigured child born to one of the working girls. He lived there until he was around 6. One of the owners reportedly fell in a well out back and died. He is reported to be one of the permanent guests. Several people have died on property as a result of the Flu outbreak including former owner Deborah Renfro. 

Paranormal Happenings


Many people become nauseous, some get a headache and ill upon entering the grounds. Some are visited by a malevolent spirit the next day after visiting the house. Since investigations have started, all the groups doing investigations have agreed, the house is haunted. We have class "A" EVP's, pictures, videos, ORBS, K2 sessions with intelligent conversations. Groups have had balls moved by the little boy spirit. Several have had things thrown at them, over 70 people have been scratched and two bitten.

When we first visited the home we saw a green orb with our own eyes and we knew it was the real deal so we bought it. We have had things thrown at us voices heard doors slammed its a constant excitement owning the home and we have decided it should stay a paranormal investigation site. This will allow Paranormal groups to research and practice their skills in a confirmed haunted house. The house is now open weekends all year round for Paranormal Research groups to conduct investigations. Individual groups can also investigate after hours . Do you want to experience spending the night in a real Mineral Wells haunted house? We are in the shadow of Texas's most haunted hotel the Baker, please contact us!!!


PLEASE NOTE...due to the level and type of paranormal activity we will not allow small children. We do not recommend pregnant women, anyone with serious medical conditions or anyone under the age of 13.

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