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Cast in the shadows of the Baker Hotel sits Haunted Hill House 125 feet away. With direct ties to the hotel this home once hosted bootleggers, prostitutes and gambling in secret for those who wanted to misbehave with discretion. Over the years several deaths have occurred here and the spirits still wander among the halls as if this place is still their own. Join us for an investigation or tour and walk with us among those who are among the living and the dead. This home was built as an A Frame Home during Civil War and Established in 1880 and belonged to one of the First Founding Families of Mineral Wells. From 1880 to early 1929 the home was used as a make shift Hospital. Afterwards, the Home became a Haven for illegal activity.

 They say if you die in this home you never leave. 

The Property hosts the Original site of the Welcome Sign and also the 1st of 3

Healing Wells. Caves are located on the Property Known as East Mountain.

Native Americans hid out in these caves as they robbed and killed  the local settlers.

 Its also Rumored Sam Bass hid his Gold and lost his life in one of the Caves

The home is currently owned by Edward and Katherine Estes. 

 Due to high levels of activity in the home it has became a world- Renowned paranormal site for anyone who dares to visit.

Members of Ghost Adventures Haunted Collector Deep South Paranormal Taps Paranormal Files

Portals To Hell Strangetown Christopher Saint Booth



We offer tours during select days of the week. Each tour gives our guests time to view the home and hear about it's history while walking the grounds with us. We encourage questions and offer the opportunity to use some of the paranormal equipment we have during each session.


Overnight Investigations!

We offer private reserved overnight investigations for a party of up to 10 on designated weeknights and weekends. If you are not comfortable staying alone we have paranormal teams who hold events at our home or that can be special requested by your party so you will have a guide during your stay


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Weddings and Vow Renewal at Haunted Hill House

Dont worry about the Guests We have Plenty of Spirits to Join also a Licensed Minister

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Spend your last night single with a Ghost

Birthday Parties

We have heard the Ghosts singing Happy Birthday Maybe they will sing to you

Memorial Service to Your Dearly Departed

We have a Minister to perform your service 

HillHouse has a way of letting people Speak from the otherside

Ladies Night Out

Gather a Group of Gals and come join the Party 

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Haunted Hill House

501 NE 1st St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067

(817) 884-7152

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